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We have replaced your complex spreadsheets and paper forms with a central online holiday management system.

It’s pretty easy to record who is off when you have a small team of 3 to 4 people. But as your business grows and you have to manage multiple employees then it becomes complicated

Every time employee wants to take a day off you’ve to sign in paperwork and waste time updating complex spreadsheets.

People do not like to fill out forms for their absence. That’s why most of them don’t take their holiday entitlement, which is really important for their mental health, well-being and productivity at work. But it doesn’t have to be hard anymore. We have made an app to make your team a little happier and your work life much easier.

Top day off planner features we love

Our team put a lot of effort to solve as many problems as possible to make your life easier. Here are a few of our favorite features in Day Off Planner.

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Team view

On the team view page, you can see the monthly leave bookings of all the employees in one place.

top feature

Leave requests

You can see all the requests on one page, which allows you to approve or reject requests easily.

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See what people say about day off planner

Client response towards the day off planner has always been positive. See how our holiday management system helped lots of users.

  • profile
    Kelley Mendez
    Digital marketer

    Time saving & very helpfull

    “Day Off Planner helped us alot, managing your employee leave records has never been time saving & easier than this.”

  • profile
    Andy rubin
    HR Manager

    Amazing reports system

    “I am very impressed with the reporting system, its very easy to see all emolyee leave reports at one place”

  • profile
    Jason Hampton
    Creative director

    “Very flexible”

    “I really love the “add new emloyee” feature, Day off planner makes it very easy for me to expand my team.”

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